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Edely [userpic]
New contest//Wake up, Gryffies!
by Edely (edely)
at September 9th, 2005 (09:22 pm)

Gryffindor Mood: aggravated

Hello hello, my *lazy* dahlings!

The new contest is a Caption one. So, this means tons of fun, and if you miss it, I'll spork you into oblivion, mark my words! The contest is located there: http://www.harrypotter-boards.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=44684  and yes, I can't make this stupid hyperlink to work, argg! carlya23 - dear, thanks so much, but the stooopid link won't work properly. Or maybe it's me the stoopid one.Bah.

Each submission will get you 10 points, and the winners will win 50 points. So, go creative, and funny as you like, and participate!

Now. The Design a Header contest didn't work nearly as well as we supposed it'd go. That's a huge disappointrment, and can mean only one thing - you guys aren't interested. That's really bad, and we mods must think up a new way of cooperating with you. And here, my dahlings, you can help. Post suggestions, and thoughts here, of all places, since you don't seem to think the Gryffindor Tower's the best place to do that.


And, one small warning. If you peeps don't wake up before the 12'th September, you'll have to live with the super ugly header that we mods will cook up for you. Mrahahaha