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starlightria87 [userpic]
by starlightria87 (starlightria87)
at June 20th, 2007 (09:50 pm)

Gryffindor Mood: bouncy

[COLOR=red] Wow, cool quiz thing, Shen! Looking at it I'm mostly a Gryffindor. Yeah! Which reminds me.... we're doing very well pointsy-wise, but there's still more work to do.

Here are the easy things:
Voting for HPB of course! show your spirit!!
Doing the _OTMs (Just type a clue or two in and check the results)
You Know Who's challenge (this might be a little more difficult but you can find it!
Riddle Me This (piece of cake! Just type the riddle in!!)

And some harder things but not so hard us Gryffies can't do!:
Lessons (some essays, some Wikipedia research, and some graphics)
Graphics challenges

Am I missing anything else??

So..... let's win this House Cup of 2007! [/color]

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